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Rogers Material PCB
With the development of 5G communication technology, and the rapid development of radio system communication equipment, satellite systems and other fields, high-frequency electronic equipment has become a new development trend. Rogers circuit boards have become the material of choice for more and more customers.

Application Of Rogers Material PCB

(1)Global Positioning System (GPS)
(2)Automobile anti-collision system (CA)
(3)Wireless portable communication antenna system
(4)RF Identification (RFID) Tags
(5)LNB's for Direct Broadcast Satellites
(6)Cellular & Page Telecom
(7)Digital microwave system
(8)Automotive Radar and Sensors


Comparison Of FR4 material and Rogers material

More than 80% of customers will buy FR4 material PCB. What is the difference between FR4PCB and Rogers PCB? Please see the table below. It can be seen from the figure that high-frequency materials need to have a small signal control index value, because the dielectric loss in the transmission loss on the conductor circuit is mainly dominated by the dielectric constant and the dielectric loss factor of the insulating layer of the substrate material. The impact on transmission loss is proportional to the two factors. Therefore, controlling a smaller signal index can reduce the transmission loss on the circuit.



Comparison of Ro4003C material and Ro4350B material

The main difference between  Ro4003C material and Ro4350B material is that Ro4350B has the flammability. Please see below picture.


RO4000 Series Materials Dielectric Constant vs. Temperature




RO4000 Series Materials Dielectric Constant vs. Frequency


Microstrip Insertion Loss


Testing Procedures
rogers material pcb rogeers material fr4 Roger PCB
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