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Quick Turn PCB Prototype
PCB prototype is the key to product design and development. It can reduce the risk of mass production and rework costs. We can produce various types of PCB prototypes according to your design needs. Such as double-sided boards, multi-layer boards, blind buried vias, back holes and other design requirements. When our experienced engineers receive your gerber file, we will send you the working gerber for confirmation to ensure that there will be no problems in the production process. When the product goes online, you can track the progress of each order according to our back-end WIP system to ensure delivery time.

Fast and flexible lead times allow you to receive PCB prototype boards faster, which can speed up the processing speed of the project. Therefore, we have launched a quick turn service.

Qucik turn technology is one of our special service.  Our delivery reliability rate is over 95.5%. With our increasingly mature technology and pioneered end-to -end WIP online software which managers every aspect of your projects which ensures our quality manufacturing process for timely delivery. And our professional sales on duty at night can make quick response in 2 hours which will do not lost your time!


Quickest Lead time For Prototype

Layer Quickest lead time
2 48 Hours
4 72 Hours
6 96 Hours
8 120 Hours

Testing Procedures
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