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Roger+FR4 Mix PCB
Features Of Roger+FR4 Mix PCB

(1)Via in pad, Blind and buried via process

Zitrok Support Ro4350B+FR4/Ro4003C+FR4/RO3003+FR4/RO3010+FR4 etc


Capabilities For Roger+FR4 Mix PCB

Roger+FR4 Mix PCB has widely used in communication equipments, medical equipments, military devices, aerospace, engineering control and test systems, automotive industrial etc.. Let us check ZITROK capabilities of Roger+FR4 Mix PCB circuits!
Material Rogers + FR4 PCB
Layer 2-30 Layer
Thickness 0.2-8mm
Minimum aperture 0.18mm
Minimum Line Width/ Spacing 2.5/2.5 mil
Plate thickness aperture ratio 14:0.1
Maximum Size 610*1100mm
Impedance control technique Single Ended Impedance/ Differential Impedance
Surface Finishing Immersion Gold/OSP/Lead Free Hasl/Hasl/Immersion Silver/ Immersion Tin/Gold Finger




Testing Procedures
rogers fr4 mix pcb rogers+fr4 mix rogers+fr4 mix
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