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Impendance Control PCB
As circuit designs become more complex and high-speed, in order to ensure signal quality, it is critical to control the characteristic impedance matching of signal lines. Lax impedance control will affect considerable signal reflection and signal distortion, which will lead to design failure. Let us first understand what impedance control is.

What Is Impedance Control

Impedance is the result of the interaction between resistance and reactance in a circuit, expressed in ohms. Impedance is an AC characteristic, which means it is related to frequency. Controlled impedance is very important to maintain signal integrity, especially for high-frequency products.


Why We Need Impedance Control In PCB Design

There are various signal transmissions in the conductors in the impedance circuit board. When it is necessary to increase its frequency in order to increase its transmission rate, if the circuit itself is different due to factors such as etching, stack thickness, wire width, etc., the impedance value will change. The signal is distorted and the performance of the PCB board is degraded, so it is necessary to control the impedance value within a certain range.


Impedance Engineering and Production Control with Zitrok

The PCB designer will specify the impedance value and tolerance, and the PCB manufacturer will select the appropriate material and manufacture the circuit board according to the specifications. At ZITROK, we have professional engineers to solve any of your problems.

Testing Procedures
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