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Mass Production PCB
For mass production circuits, ZITROK has a complete mass production line with a monthly production capacity of more than 50,000 square meters of multilayer boards. The company’s engineering and technical personnel responsible for coordinating PCB production matters have been engaged in PCB production management for many years, and can easily handle various engineering problems in the mass PCB production process, and strictly control the process instructions and the acceptance of finished PCB boards, which can effectively avoiding unnecessary costs for customers Investment and loss.  

Our Equipment:

(1)120 workers are distributed in engineering department, production department, purchasing department, quality department and sales department to serve you.
(2)Our mass production lines are flexible in operation to ensure the timeliness of batch orders.
(3)In order to ensure the quality of batch orders and timely control, the production department adopts the shift system of three rounds a day to ensure that the production lines keep running 24 hours a day.
(4)Our background operation management system can provide you with order process tracking services to ensure that customers can clearly see the production process of each project.
(5)The production department staff will update the production schedule of each project to the sales department every day before the end of work, so that the sales staff can timely follow up the order progress

Testing Procedures
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