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Through-Hole Assembly
As people's demand for advanced and miniature products grows, the size of PCBs is getting smaller and smaller. Due to its small surface, it is challenging to mount various components on a circuit board. To alleviate this situation, manufacturers are using two techniques to mount electrical components on circuit boards. These technologies are through hole technology (THT) and surface mount technology (SMT)

What Is Through-Hole Assembly

Through-hole assembly refers to the process of soldering through-hole components to the bare board by wave soldering or manual soldering, and the component leads pass through the holes of the PCB board.

The Application Of Through-Hole Assembly

Through-hole components (THC) are suitable for high-reliability product layers that require stronger bonding because they can withstand higher environmental pressures, and the wires pass through the board holes. This is the wide application of THT that may suffer from military and aerospace The main cause of the product is from extreme acceleration, collision or high temperature. In addition, through-hole technology is also popular for testing and prototypes, sometimes requiring manual adjustment and replacement.


Comparision Of Through-Hole Assembly And Surface Mounting Technology

Compared with surface mounting, through-hole mounting provides a firm mechanical bond, and is more suitable for products that are ready to withstand mechanical stress. And it provides designers with more space for wiring. Moreover, the through-hole assembly is easy to manually adjust and replace. Surface mounting allows the installation of smaller PCB size and higher density components. For larger and heavier components, through-hole mounting is necessary because they require a stronger connection to be securely connected. Our professional production team can provide fast manual, automated and combined through-hole assembly for all components.

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