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Mixed Assembly
What Is Mixed Assembly

Mixed assembly requires the application of SMT components and THT components on the same board, and this type of PCB component does not use any solder paste, this technology is called mixed assembly.

Comparision Of Through-Hole Assembly And Surface Mounting Technology

(1) First, SMT components are soldered on the board by a reflow soldering machine, while THT assembly requires pre-drilling holes on the board and the use of leads to connect components and circuits.

(2) Second, reflow or wave soldering can be used for SMD components, but only wave soldering for TNT components. Therefore, the steps of mixed assembly will be more complicated. For mixed assembly, usually, the SMT process is performed first, and then the THT assembly is performed.

(3) Third, SMT is generally suitable for mass production and high-density small PCBs, and THT is generally suitable for prototype manufacturing and products that are prepared to withstand mechanical stress.


Our Capabilities Mixed Assembly

We are equipped with advanced automated production equipment for PCB assembly, which can meet the needs from PCB prototype assembly to mass assembly in a relatively short time. 

(1) Complete automated assembly equipment
(2) Automated flux distribution and laser aiming
(3) Fast and accurate placement machine
(4) Wave soldering and selective soldering machine
(5) Reflow oven
(6) Automated multi-stage water cleaning

(7) Automatic optical inspection
(8) X-ray inspection
(9) Wave soldering machine
(10) Chassis wiring and assembly
(11) BGA semi-automatic rework station


Applications of Mixed Technology PCB Assembly

Mixed assembly technology has a wide range of applications in life, the following are the most common applications in Mixed technology PCB components

(1) Central processing unit
(2) Smart phone accessories
(3) LED products
(4) Communication hardware
(5) IoT hardware
(6) Industrial controller components

ZITROK has complete and advanced automated assembly equipment and experienced employees. As an ISO-certified PCB manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with unique services ranging from small quantities of prototype PCBA to batch PCBA production, and answering various questions for customers. We take full responsibility from procurement, assembly to final delivery. In ZITROK, a variety of first-class equipment and strict quality control system can help us provide you with high-quality PCB!

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