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Prototype PCB Assembly
Prototype PCB assembly is our expertise area. With our professional welding technicians, SMT engineers and senior component procurement experts , we provide fast turnaround for PCB assembly  that in order to provide an economical and highly flexible PCB assembly to the customers.

As an ISO-certified PCB manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with a variety of unique services from small quantities of prototype PCBs to mass PCB production. We provide services for 1-20 layer prototype PCB assembly, and turnkey PCB business is our core. We provide one-stop assembly services, including PCB production, component procurement, and PCB assembly. We accept the components provided by you, and then ship them to us, we will help you assemble them. This is where our flexible service lies!

Our senior component sourcing specialist will purchase the components according to the part number and manufacturer specified on your BOM form, and work with as distributors as possible to ensure provide you the most cost-effective parts are available.

Parts procurement and PCB manufacturing will be carried out simultaneously. Before production, we will conduct a thorough BOM confirmation with you to ensure the accuracy of the parts. We will never change your design without your permission. Turnkey circuit card assembly usually takes 2 weeks; if there are no hard-to-find parts or documentation errors, it will take less time.
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