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Rigid PCBs are the backbone of electronic devices. Advancement in rigid circuit board technology has broadened the applications on electronic products ranging from computers, communication devices and consumer electronics to automotive and medical electronics.

Our in-depth experience in multi-layer, HDI and high-layer board design and manufacturing, including expertise in signal integrity and RoHS regulations, enables us to provide solutions aimed at speeding up the product development cycle.

Rigid PCB fabrication with Zitrok

Zitrok provides various sizes of Rigid Circuit boards, of different layers. All Rigid Circuits are tested with flying-probe testing machine or fixture-test tooling reflecting all Gerber data to insure continuity and other data requirements. We can turn your Rigid PCBs as fast as in 24 hours, depending on technologies.

Testing Procedures

We perform multiple quality assurance procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:

,         Visual Inspection

,         Flying probe

,         Bed of nails

,         Impedance control

,         Solder-ability detection

,         Digital metallograghic microscope

,         AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

File Format

We can accept CAM350, GC-CAM, GERBER PROTEL 99SEEAGLE, CAM drawing for producing pcbs .


Finished boards are vacuum packed with bubble wraps and silica gel to prevent oxidization and damage during transportation.

Product Gallery

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