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Capabilities Overview

Rigid PCB 2 - 24 + Layers , Rigid-flex PCB 1 - 10Layers
Panel Size(max): 21" x 24"
PCB Thickness: 0.016" to 0.120"
Line & Spaces: 0.003" / 0.003" Inner Layers;0.004" Outer Layers
Hole Size: 0.008" Thru Hole (Finished Size) and Buried Via, 8:1 Aspect Ratio /0.004" HDI Microvia
Materials: FR4,High Tg ,Rogers,Halogen-free material ,Teflon,Polyimide
Surface Finishes: ENi/IAu,OSP,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin
Special Products:

Blind/Buried Via,HDI Microvia,Rigid Flex


More Information

Minimum Hole Position Tolerance 0.075mm
Hole Size Tolerance  0.075mm(PTH)
0.05mm (NPTH) 
Outline Dimension Tolerance 0.13mm
Conductor Width Tolerance  0.05mm or 20% of Original Artwork
Warp & Twist Ratio 0.70%
Insulation Resistance For E/T test 10K -20M  
Conductivity Resistance For E/T test <50  
Voltage For E/T test 300v maximum
Minimum Spacing Between hole edge and Circuit Pattern 0.2mm(PTH)
Registration Tolerance Front/Back Image  0.075mm
Layer to Layer Registration 0.075mm
Board Thickness Tolerance 8%(t1.0mm)
Aspect Ratio 8:01
Plugging hole Diameter with solder mask 0.20mm-0.60mm
Minimum Solder dam Width 0.1mm
Minimum Solder Mask Clearance 0.05mm
Solder Mask Type/Silkscreen Ink LPI(green, white, black ,red ,etc)
Impedance Control tolerance 10%
Minimum Board thickness for V-Groove process 0.6mm
Remained Board thickness for V-Groove process 0.3mm
Thickness Tolerance for V-Groove process 0.1mm
Minimum Spacing From V-Groove to Conductor 0.4mm
Slot Dimension Tolerance(Length/Width),Length>=2*Width 0.125mm/0.1mm
Au thickness  0.0762um-0.762um(Hard Au) 
0.0254um-0.127um(Soft Au)
Ni thickness  2.032-7.362um


We can accept CAM350, GC-CAM, GERBER PROTEL 99SE, EAGLE, CAM drawing for producing pcbs . Our experienced engineers who understand customer's requirement very well ensure smooth and fast communication and feedback with customers. Besides, they can give valued suggestion from customer's design.